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Sarah’s Message February 4, 2018

Throughout the season of Epiphany we have been hearing stories of testimony from members of our congregation, listening to meaningful scripture and hearing Sarah’s messages from a sermon series on “Another Way”. This week we continue suit with testimony from Preston, scripture from Isaiah and Sarah’s sermon “Power.” Isaiah 40:21-31 Common English Bible (CEB) 21 Don’t you […]

Sarah’s Message January 21, 2018 – Called to Another Way

Sarah continues her sermon series with “Called to Another Way”. Listen here to more meaningful testimony, scripture, music and message as we explore this week’s text. Mark 1:14-20 Jesus’ message 14 After John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee announcing God’s good news, 15 saying, “Now is the time! Here comes God’s kingdom! Change your […]

Sarah’s Message January 14, 2018 – Another Way: From the Margins

Listen to testimony by Beth Sandford, music, scripture and a meaningful message from Sarah as she continues the sermon series with “Another Way: From the Margins.” John 1:43-51 Common English Bible (CEB) 43 The next day Jesus wanted to go into Galilee, and he found Philip. Jesus said to him, “Follow me.” 44 Philip was from Bethsaida, the hometown of […]

Sarah’s Message January 7, 2018 – Who Are We?

Listen here to “Who Are We?” the second in Sarah’s sermon series on Another Way: Following Jesus on the road less traveled. Genesis 1:1-5 1 When God began to create[a] the heavens and the earth— 2 the earth was without shape or form, it was dark over the deep sea, and God’s wind swept over the waters— 3 God said, “Let […]

Sarah’s Message December 31, 2017 – Homily: Another Way

This week begins a new six week sermon series, “Another Way,” where we explore the counter-cultural way of Jesus.   Matthew 2:1-12  Common English Bible (CEB) Coming of the magi 2 After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the territory of Judea during the rule of King Herod, magi came from the east to Jerusalem. 2 They asked, “Where […]