Welcome to Bethany.  In the Bible Bethany was the place Jesus went to spend time with his friends, have a good meal, and refuel for his service to the world.  We hope to be something like that for all who enter our doors.

Bethany is an inclusive faith community.  We welcome all people.  That means you.  Whether you’re young or old, married or single, gay or straight, a life-long Christian or a spiritual seeker, a believer or a doubter, whoever you are, wherever you are from, whatever burdens you carry, rest assured: you are welcome here.

What’s Bethany about?

We trust in God’s life-giving and life-saving love that’s been revealed to us in Jesus.  
We listen for the calling of the Holy Spirit.  
We ask lots of questions and share our faith and our doubts.  
We love to join together for joyful worship that gives praise to God and refreshes our souls.  
We dig deep into scripture and don’t believe in checking our brains at the door.  
We reach out to serve our neighbors in Tacoma, especially those who are hungry.  
We are passionate about mission and try to live out God’s love in our daily lives. 

 If any of that sounds like something you’ve been searching for, come visit us.  We worship at 10:30 on Sundays.  There’s plenty of parking in the neighborhood.  Wear whatever clothes you’re comfortable in.  Childcare is available for young children, and children of all ages are welcomed in our worship.

Feel free to give me a call (253-304-9659) or send me an email if you’ve got questions or just want to grab a cup of coffee.  I’d love to get to know you.

Grace and Peace,