Another Way: following Jesus on the road less traveled


After the magi met Jesus, they went home by another way. Ever since then, seekers of Jesus have found themselves drawn to an alternative wisdom, another way, a road less traveled. Jesus calls us beyond our culture and our comfort zone into a whole new life. Join us this winter as we explore the counter-cultural way of Jesus.


December 31 Another Way

A service of seeking our guiding light and setting intentions for the year to come

Matthew 2:1-12


January 7 The Question of Identity

The world tells us we’re lots of things: old, young, fat, skinny, powerful, weak, good enough, or not enough. Underneath of all that, who are you, really?

Genesis 1, Mark 1:4-11


January 14 Attention

What we attend to is what we worship. Who and what do we pay attention to? What does Jesus pay attention to? How could we learn to gaze in the same direction?

John 1:43-51


January 21 Attachment

What do we desire? What are we attached to? Do our desires lead us to life or to death?

1 Corinthians 7:29-31


January 28 What is Church For?


Mark 1:21-28


February 4 Worship

We’re shaped by the people and things we admire. What do we worship? What do our hearts long for? How does that shape us?

Isaiah 40:21-31