What is our Build on Faith Widen the Welcome Campaign all about?

Our capital campaign is about investing in the future of Bethany.

  • It is about building on our faith, and the faith of people who came before us, to revitalize our building and ministry for years to come.
  • It is about widening our welcome to people who can’t currently fully participate in our life together.
  • It is about growing as a congregation through a deeper understanding of stewardship, community, and faith.
  • And is about raising money for concrete projects.

This spring we will be inspired, informed and involved in a variety of programs such as an All-Church Bible Study (March 22), a Prayer Vigil (April 4), Enrichment Gatherings (right now!), educational forums, and other events.

On Sunday, May 17th, we will be invited to make a 3-year financial pledge, over and above our regular giving to our capital campaign fund. The gifts received from our Build on Faith Widen the Welcome Capital Campaign will help us accomplish a variety of projects outlined below. Completing these will enable us to better serve our current membership, as well as our community now and into the future.

What projects need to be accomplished to Widen the Welcome?

Our projects include the following:

  • Create greater accessibility by installing an elevator to reach all three levels of our facility, and putting in new automatic doors at the most-used entries to our building.
  • Improve the use and serviceability of our third floor by creating a restroom.
  • Enhance our worship experience by including speakers in our choir loft and library, improving the lighting in our Sanctuary, and plastering the ceiling in the Sanctuary
  • Improve energy efficiency by installing new windows in the upstairs classrooms
  • Refresh our facilities to make them more welcoming and functional with new electrical outlets, paint, refurbishment of the basement fellowship hall and potential kitchen improvements.
  • Extend the reach of God’s love through mission and ministry by making tithe gifts from the proceeds of our campaign.

How did these projects come about?

Over the last two years we’ve been in a time of congregational discernment. We gathered in 2013 in cottage meetings and as a congregation for a strategic assessment. In 2014, session distilled the feedback we’d gathered and identified four areas of emphasis for our life together in the coming years: we seek to be purposefully welcoming, center on the vibrancy of God, reach out in mission, and improve our facility’s accessibility. The session and our ministry teams have begun to evaluate and re-shape our ministry in light of these priorities. Those considerations led us to these specific projects as important next steps in our ministry together. 

Why are these projects important?

These projects will allow us to be more welcoming, revitalize our building, and invest in a future generation of ministry at Bethany.

  • The elevator and automatic doors will quite literally widen the welcome we extend, making full participation possible for people who are elderly, disabled, injured, in pain, or just too young to walk.
  • A bathroom on the third floor will make children’s education safer and more efficient.
  • Lighting and sound system improvements in the sanctuary will make worship a more accessible and meaningful experience for people who are hard of hearing, have difficulty seeing, are leading worship from the choir, or who have stepped out to nurse or care for babies.
  • Investments in electrical wiring, flooring, lighting and paint refurbishments of the basement fellowship hall will expand the areas in which we are able to do dynamic ministry.
  • Replacing upstairs windows with newer energy efficient windows will improve safety, cut heating costs, and is good stewardship of our building and resources.
  • Finally, a gift to local mission allows us to love our neighbors by supporting transformative ministry throughout our community.

What will it cost?

We want to raise $300,000 for our projects. The Resources team and session are continuing to work with contractors to secure the best possible bids. The numbers below reflect our best information at this time.

  • Construction and installation of an elevator and automatic doors will cost $150,000. In addition, we will set aside a portion of funds raised against the cost of future maintenance. We are hoping to set aside between $30,000 and $50,000 for endowed maintenance.
  • Installation of an accessible, child friendly bathroom on the third floor will cost $6,500.
  • We are still receiving bids on the cost of sound and lighting upgrades in the sanctuary.
  • Costs of painting, flooring, lighting, and electrical upgrades for the basement fellowship hall and kitchen are flexible based on how much we raise. We’re hoping to raise $25,000 for a complete refurbishment.
  • Replacing the upstairs windows will cost $8,400.
  • We will give 10% of funds raised away for mission, for a target gift of $30,000.

When and how do I pay my pledge? What if my financial circumstances change?

Your three-year commitment to the Build on Faith Widen the Welcome campaign may be paid in weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time gift increments. You, as the donor, will decide how best to complete your pledge.

Financial pledges are not legal obligations; however, it is anticipated that members will make their pledges in good faith, and will fulfill these fully. If circumstances change, you may revise your pledge by notifying the church. 

How can we be successful in achieving the goals of our campaign? Or, in other words, can we really raise that much money?

The financial goals for our campaign represent an appropriate challenge for our church’s membership. Ours is the joyful opportunity to stretch ourselves to meet the current and future needs of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

We have been blessed by God as we continue to grow in our giving to the church. It is vital that we continue our commitment to support our current worship, work, and witness (our annual stewardship). We also need to build a strong financial base for our capital ministry projects.

To meet the financial goals of our capital campaign, each of us will be asked to commit a generous and sacrificial gift above and beyond our regular giving.

Each of us is encouraged to prayerfully consider—and joyfully celebrate—the many blessings God has given us, and the capacity we have for giving and sharing generously. The choice is ours to freely commit that which has been entrusted to us.  Seek God’s guidance as you consider these questions:

  • To what extent does my giving truly reflect the value I have for this church?
  • To what extent am I acting purposefully, intentionally, and faithfully in my giving?
  • In what ways is my giving helping me grow in faith toward God, and in service to others?

Your support builds upon the generosity of those who have brought us thus far in the life of our church, and will help Bethany move forward in its mission and ministry.

Why is this campaign, Build on Faith – Widen the Welcome so important?

We want to live more fully and faithfully by embracing our identity as a welcoming community that shares Christ’s love with others. We are a strong, vibrant, healthy community. This campaign is a pivotal opportunity for us to live out God’s call for us. Our campaign—and the vital ministry programs for which it will provide—are an investment in God’s mission for us. Our generous giving and faithful dedication will provide a witness to God’s love in our midst, and strengthen Bethany for ministry now and in years to come.